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Who We Are And How Our Brewing Journey Started

VP Brew & Still is a passionate collection of purveyors, brewers, distillers, and engineers. We focus on the beverage industry and specialise in the craft beverage market.   In the true spirit of the craft revolution, we are proud to be a family-owned brewery. Unlike most of the commercial style craft products on the market, our products are owner brewed and distilled by hand in small volumes using traditional techniques. We don't do commercial, industrial or backyard, only pure classy craft!    

The dream started in 2020 and the original moment of inspiration came long before the craft industry. After many years of passion and hard work, we built a unique business and brand that serves our local community.   We believe in supporting local business and play a role to retain spending in our local economy while having loads of fun by putting smiles on faces of everyone that crosses our liquid inspired path.   Please feel free to take the time to come for a visit us at one of the local markets for something cold and a friendly chat about what we do and where we are going next. After all, our journey on this "crafty road" is all about the people we meet and the memories we share together.

Areas We Work In

Focus area is the northern half of South Africa.  
We do supply throughout the whole of South Africa and onto our northern neighbours .

We also supply homebrew/distilling shops with materials and equipment.  Greater variety of raw materials and equipment is needed in the local market

Here is some FAQ that you might have

In the market for beer brewing equipment?

We have you covered! Check out our huge selection of Brew & Still equipment and supplies to find. 

We have all you need so that you can be introduced to the craft and the ideal for brewing. We also have all in one electric system and other all-grain brewing systems.  

If there is equipment, you’re looking for but can’t find?

Feel free to email our support team @ info@vpbrewstill.co.za

Raw Material




All Brewing and Dispensing Equipment